Photos from the Rocky Mountains

Photos of the Canadian rocky mountains are one of a kind. But living so close we tend to forget how beautiful our mountains really are. A day drive out to Banff is sometimes taken for granted. Once you actually take the time to look there is magic out in those mountains. 

Beauty of the Rocky mountains

Living so close to the rockies we are fortunate to see them daily but as all things we tend to forget just how much beauty there is just outside our front doors. Once you see the same mountains day in and day out you stop appreciating it. Just like we tend to forget how fortunate we are to have clean drinking water at the touch of a button.

As a family we take lots of day trips out to rockies and as always we bring our camera. Despite seeing the same mountains the mood seems to shift depending on weather. One day the Three Sisters in Canmore can look dark and dangerous and other times they may look confiding. Throw in a little snow and you have a whole new landscape.

The Canadian Rockies cover 1460 km from British Columbia and Alberta to it’s border of the United States. Although we have yet to drive the full length from B.C. to the border we have seen our fair share of this landscape. There is something about the elegance of these mountain ranges that transport you. Our photos from the rocky mountains are only a glimpse of what there is to see. No photo can truly replace the in person experience of standing amongst giants.

You don’t take a photograph. You make it.

Angel Adams


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